At our Industrial Site in Portugal, Evertis and Selenis are vertically integrated. As an integrated resin and PET sheet producer, we have created synergies that translate into a lower carbon footprint:

SSP Direct Extrusion

SSP Direct Extrusion (SSPDE) is an efficient and smart way that only an integrated Polymer and Sheet Extrusion producer is able to accomplish. The energy used in the last reaction step in the polymerisation of PET (SSP), is totally utilized in the sheet extrusion lines. This translates into an efficient use of energy, but also avoids Polymer cooling and moisture absorption that before the extrusion process will always create breaking of the polymer chains thus reducing its properties. PET sheet produced through SSPDE, has superior and unrivalled properties.

Cogeneration & Energy Shared Services

By using a system of cogeneration, we produce thermal energy by capturing the sub-product of electrical generation. This has two main benefits: