EVERTIS Ibérica, S.A. | Project No.13246 – Incentive for Innovation

Project FCOMP-02-0203-FEDER-013246 is of structural importance to the continuation of the Company’s activity, specifically the strategy to diversify its markets through the acquisition of various pieces of production line equipment that will allow for significant improvements, both qualitative and quantitative, to the product range, consolidating the company’s position on the European market in PET-based plastic film.

The investments made in the project are based on a strategic analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and recognised threats and opportunities in the external environment. The strategic objectives to be reached with this project were quantified clearly and objectively.

The appropriateness of the investment can be seen in the coherence and relevance of the project, to the extent that:

  • It boosts STRENGTHS
  • It develops OPPORTUNITIES
  • It contains and de-emphasises WEAKNESSES
  • It minimises or proactively anticipates THREATS

The adequacy of this excellence is apparent in how the different investment items are shown to be directly necessary in order to achieve the established objectives.

It should be noted that EVERTIS follows a strategic policy based on principles of Sustainability in economic, social and environmental aspects. This investment project entails consolidating the company’s Sustainability Model in the three areas mentioned above.

Economic Aspect

  • Consolidation and resizing of the market position
  • Research into new applications and development of solutions
  • Explore synergies and economies of scale
  • Long-term sustainability

Social Aspect

  • Develop human capital competencies
  • Retain and attract talent
  • Health and safety

Environmental Aspect

  • Efficient use of new raw materials, helping to conserve resources
  • Energy efficiency
  • Step up the use of recycled raw materials and minimise waste production
  • Ensure compliance with all environmental legislation

The quality of the project, its adequacy and relevance, guarantee a sustainable future for the company and reinforce its positioning in the sector and the market, nationally, on the Iberian Peninsula and Europe-wide.

Degree of Innovation in the Proposed Solution

In terms of Product Innovation, the level of innovation at a national level is high, given what is currently produced and available on the market.

It should be noted that the new product (expanded PET) is not currently produced in Portugal.

In terms of Process Innovation, this is also evident at a country level, as it will be radically different from the processes currently used in the industry in Portugal, with the introduction of new manufacturing and logistical processes and methods, which will provide the EVERTIS production unit with the most advanced processes and technologies available internationally.

It should be noted that the automatic packaging system (associated with SAP MII), RFID technology, online extruder viscosity measuring system, online defect detection system and the system for separating and selecting batches of recycled raw material (associated with the gas chromatograph) constitute highly innovative solutions applied to the processes at both a national and sector level.

The product and process innovation also brings a high level of innovation to the organisation, work methods and the succession of operations, by extending the use of information technologies to new control, operational planning and management processes, and by drawing on the skills and practices of the employees who will become more highly qualified than average.

The Investment Project was supported by COMPETE in the QREN area, through the European Regional Development Fund.

Managing Entity: EVERTIS Ibérica, S.A.
Universal Project Number: FCOMP-02-0203-FEDER-013246
Project Designation: New product introduction, production process automation, energy efficiency
and environmental assessment to consolidate the EVERTIS Sustainability Model.
Total sum of investment executed: 3,663,158.88 euros
Total sum of repayable incentive received: 1,813,930.26 euros