At Evertis, we work diligently to bring our values to life in our own organization and across supply chains. Our values guide the decisions and behaviour of each and every team member.

Innovation & Initiative: Research and development focused on anticipating customer needs. Innovation is part of the product life cycle hence we believe it is a necessary element to generate growth.

Flexibility: To comply with varied customer, retailer and market demands Evertis can offer bespoke packaging solutions developed from concept to launch.

Personalized Solutions: We deliver tailor-made packaging solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our packaging solutions are designed to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Corporate Sustainability: Evertis believes in an obligation to foster sustainability practices that protect our environment and add value to our products. We want to meet the expectations of today’s socially and environmentally conscious consumers.

Superior Quality: Quality is key to Evertis, hence our processes undergo exhaustive quality controls to guarantee excellence in our products and ensure compliance with all current standards of packaging for the food industry.

Technological Leadership: Innovation is part of the product life cycle; hence at Evertis we make it a necessary element to generate growth. We operate the most advanced technology, such as our state of the art co-extrusion and in line lamination - four in one process:

  • 1 Extrusion
  • 2 Lamination
  • 3 Slitting
  • 4 Packaging system